Code of Conduct

*Students, parents and teachers alike are expected to show respect and courtesy to each other.

*Students will be dismissed from class for unreasonable behavior.

*Students may wait in the waiting room between classes to do homework/eat as long as they are not disruptive to the classes in progress or the other parents and dancers in the waiting/lobby area. Students who cannot wait in a respectable manner will need to be accompanied by their parent or other guardian.

*Parents, siblings and other visitors may wait in the lobby area during class. However, this area can become crowded with students and parents alike and we ask that everyone respects the space and the classes in session.

*No cell phones in the dance studio unless permission to tape has been given. They are allowed in the dance lobby.

*Dancers enter and exit the dance studio quietly and no running out.

*Students should be dropped off no earlier than 10-15 minutes prior to class if possible and should be picked up promptly after their last class. If a situation should arise that a child needs to be dropped off earlier or picked up late please notify me.


  • Dance wear is required for all classes
  • No street shoes on the dance floor
  • Clean food, snacks, and drinks please
  • Clean up after yourself in lobby area
  • Hair should be off the neck for all classes.  Pack extra pony tails! At very least 1/2 way up.
  • No chewing gum in class
  • No jewelry (small earrings are great)
  • Small children should use the restroom before class

“Respect each other and our beautiful dance space. Be kind and friendly to your entire dance family! Help each other and smile! Bring your positive attitudes each day. This is your time to leave the outside world out, be present to get the best out of yourself.”

Love Miss Becky

Snow Days

If the Central City Public or Private schools cancel for the whole day or after school has started, then dance classes are cancelled also. If they have a late start there will be dance unless I cannot get to Central City due to weather. If that is the case please check your email to see if class is cancelled. There is only 1 snow day allotted for each class in the dance year. Each year it may change. So, if there is more than 1 on your specific night we will have a make up day.


Please do not feel you have to participate in the fundraisers, as it is simply and great option to help out financially. The total that you make on the fundraisers will go straight to your account unless otherwise noted. There will be certain fundraisers for the whole studio and others for our  competition groups and traveling events to New York City, Bowl Games, Disneyworld 2019!!!

Dropping a Class

You must notify Miss Becky promptly if doing so with a written note from parent and signature. Tuition will be dealt with as Miss Becky sees fit for each situation.
*Costumes are non-refundable. If a class is dropped after the costume deposit is made there will be NO refund given. If costumes have been ordered there is also no refund for this. You may pick up your paid costume when it arrives and no later than February of that dance year.


Communication between the dancers, parents & myself is key to a successful dance season. I am here to help and listen and I strive to do my best to keep everyone updated and informed. Please take the following into consideration when needing to know/find or give information.


1st quarter tuition is due at time of enrollments the following payments will be due as scheduled here: Nov. 1st , January 1st, and February 27th. If a payment is made after the 10th there will be an automatic late fee of $10 every 10 days it is late. Payments can be made in cash or check. If paying by credit or debit card there will be an extra $5 fee. There will be a $20.00 fee for all returned checks.

Make Checks Payable to: SDA

By clicking “login” on the menu above, you can access your financial dance account and view your child’s classes/days/times.